Adding Fitness to your Daily Routines


Regardless of where your health is today, it’s always a good idea to keep one of your goals on self-improvement. You don’t have to run out and join a fancy gym or commit yourself to a diet of stale foods to get healthy or see results. Most of the time, success comes in multiple small steps as opposed to one giant leap. Here are some quick and easy ways to sneak in an extra bit of fitness in your day.

Skipping Rope

Yes I know, last time you skipped rope was when you were in elementary school. Great thing about this exercise is that it requires minimal equipment; a rope, and very little time commitment. Depending on your weight and pace you can easily burn up to 20 calories per minute of activity. I found at a good pace I do about 100 skips before I hit one minute. You can use time as a motivator by trying to skip at a comfortable pace for as long as you can, or you can use pace and see how many skips you can do in a minute. Whichever method works for you it’s important to remember to stay hydrated go at your own pace and wear supportive shoes.

Take a walk, all day.

Ideally we want to be able to walk at least 10,000 steps a day, which averages to about 5 miles a day. A pedometer is your best tool for tracking your steps, because writing them down can be daunting. You can purchase one at any of the big box retailers and wear it discreetly all day. Don’t worry if you can’t get 10,000 steps when you first start out. Let’s say you start out with just 3,000 steps, aim to add 500 extra steps to your daily goal each week. You can take a walk around your office, shop the perimeter of your grocery store first, or simply park a little further away from the entrance of the stores. The goal is to get you walking more without disrupting your daily routine. Your steps count the moment you get out of bed in the morning. Take the scenic route to the kitchen to sneak in a few more steps in your morning routine.


Kinetically speaking, Squats are the best exercises for your lower body. They are easy to do, require zero equipment and can be done anywhere. Watch…See? I just did 12. When it comes to squats, form is your key to success. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart, (your shoulders not your friends). As you squat imagine you are sitting on a chair and stick your backside out. By the time your thigh is parallel to the ground your weight should be evenly distributed through our your feet. Make it a point to grab the floor with your toes to make sure you are not leaning too far back. You can hold this position for a short 2 count and slowly come back up. Do this 10 to 15 times for one complete set. As you get stronger you can add another set until you reach 3 to 4 sets in total. Squats can be done during commercial breaks, as you unload the dryer and fold your clothes or even as you make dinner. The goal is not where but when and how often. I would avoid doing them while you cook can be tricky when you’re flipping eggs. smh. Lesson learned.

Exercise doesn’t have to be difficult to be effective and for the most part, it can alleviate stress, fatigue, and keep injuries at bay. How do you sneak exercise into your day? Tell us in the comments i’m always looking for new ideas.