• Behind the neck pulldowns. The evil cousin of bell bottoms; ineffective, difficult, and just plain wrong.

    You’re doing that wrong!

      Behind the Neck Lat Pull Downs.  Yes! I said it. For the devoted gym fan that has been doing this exercise for years I want to add that I too did this is very exercise before I learned the truth. Unless you are incredibly flexible, which most of you are not, this exercise does more… Read more »

  • Plan Your Fitness Vacation!

    Summer is Here! The summer solstice begins Saturday June 21st what better way to prepare yourself and your family than with a fun fitness vacation? I know, I know you are looking forward to relaxing at home, watching your favorite shows or just lounging around in your pj’s but this summer you’re going to try something… Read more »

  • Eating Right Over the Holidays

    With over 18 years invested in training, teaching and mentoring my clients I will tell you what I tell them, 70% of your success is determined in the kitchen alone. Every day stressors and life itself makes it difficult to maintain a healthy diet; add in the Holidays and those challenges double. Halloween candy is… Read more »

  • pregnantbelly-300x199

    A Healthier Post Baby Body.

    A Healthier Post Baby Body.   First of all, get the illusion out of your head that your belly is supposed to be flat because you gave birth.  Trust me, I have had my fare share of comments about this including my favorite,  “I thought you had the baby already?” To which I’ve replied,  “No,… Read more »