Plan Your Fitness Vacation!

Summer is Here! The summer solstice begins Saturday June 21st what better way to prepare yourself and your family than with a fun fitness vacation? I know, I know you are looking forward to relaxing at home, watching your favorite shows or just lounging around in your pj’s but this summer you’re going to try something different. I’m going to give you a full week to do all of the lounging around you want and then after you get it out of your system plan to do something active EVERYDAY this summer. I’m not talking about running a marathon, or hitting the gym, I just want you to be active in a way that inspires healthy habits for years to come.

Now if you do it right  you can burn off more calories playing outside then you can walking on a treadmill any day. This is the time of year to engage in all of those fun outdoor activities that have been eluding you. Not only that, if you have been religious about your training it’s a good time to change up your routine. There are a plethora of outdoor activities that engage every single muscle group in your body simultaneously. This is the beauty of real world fitness, you can’t cheat it.  Outdoor activities like; running, swimming, paddle boarding, surfing, body boarding, cycling and inline skating are key to your body’s truest strengths and weaknesses. Go enjoy these for a bit and see how you feel the next day your body will tell you right away where you should focus your training. That being said rather than just enjoying summer lounging around why not make it an opportunity to try something new?

A great way to add variety to your current training regiment is to plan for your next fitness vacation. Drinks by the pool are very relaxing indeed but how about some laps first? Plan for a fun outdoor excursion with your friends or kids at the beach, pool, theme park, or even your backyard. Pack a ball, paddle, glove, whatever your family enjoys and get moving. This year make fitness a priority by including it in your vacation plans. It doesn’t need to be the heart of your trip but it should be included every day. Walking the theme parks is active, canoeing down a quiet river, beach volleyball, paddle ball, all of those can be plugged into any vacation regardless of where you are. Of course, canoeing down a quiet river while playing paddle ball is pretty impressive, please send pics if you do this.  When you plan your trip make sure there is time allotted to be active. Ten minutes through out the day has a way of adding up quickly. Especially when you are not paying attention to it. The best type of workouts are the ones that don’t feel like work. These are the kind we should be focusing on every time we train. Unless you are a seasoned athlete there is no reason for you to stay stuck to the gym to stay fit.

So this year, turn off the TV’s, say goodbye to the video and computer games and get outside for some real fun. Save the indoor stuff for rainy days and every time the sun is shinning get out there and enjoy it!

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